Show Sponsors

Sponsors are able to support the show in a variety of ways and contribute greatly to the show’s success! There are a variety of ways you can get involved:

  • PLATINUM SPONSOR – Donations of $5,000.00 *
  • GOLD SPONSOR – Donations of $3,000.00*
  • SILVER SPONSOR – Donations of $2,000.00*
  • BRONZE SPONSOR – Donations of $1,000.00 *
  • PREMIER SPONSOR – Donation of $500.00 *

*All sponsors will be listed in the show’s program book and also announced during the show.
*All sponsors contributing $500 or more will also receive a banner displayed at the show.

Other Options for sponsorship include:

    $1,500 Thursday Night Show Sponsor (BRONZE)
    $1,500 Friday Night Show Sponsor (BRONZE)
    $2,000 Saturday Night Championship Show Sponsor (SILVER)
    $1,250 Breakfast Sponsor (BRONZE)
    $1,500 Thursday After Show Party Sponsor (BRONZE)
    $1,500 Friday After Show Party Sponsor (BRONZE)
    $3,000 Crawfish Boil Sponsor (BRONZE)
    $2,000 Riders Cup Walking Championship Stake Class Sponsor (SILVER)
    $750 Riders Cup Championship Class Sponsor (PREMIER)
    $500 Championship Class Sponsor (PREMIER)
    $400 Riders Cup Preliminary Class Sponsor
    $250 Preliminary Class Sponsor
    $125 Trophy & Ribbon Sponsor 

Take a look at our Sponsorship Form to see how you can get involved!